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Friday, February 28, 2014

Steen International Night

28- Feb.-2014

  On Thursday 27- Feb. Steen School held their annual International Night. As in years past the Families of Steen Students donated  food items that reflected their cultural background. This year Students and their Families also were able to display, and share facts of the ancestral homeland. The displays were presented into their continental groups.
   Also at this years event entertainment was provided  from different areas of the world.  Christina Piedra  & Ivan Taylor started the evening with some Salsa dance instruction to Students & Parents, along with The Faculty of Steen. The next group  performed a sampling  of Spanish dancing from the J&L Dance Company. While the rest of the evening had music was provided by Mariachi  Real de Mexico  as those in attendance wandered through the different countries of Steen Families looking at information about other parts of the world, sampling food, and viewing traditional clothing worn by some of the Students. They could also take away something on themselves as  Arva Attarwala decorated some with Henna Body Art.

David Vasquez (L) & Andrea Verdugo  displaying North American culture.

Laura Giumarra (L) & Martin Nunez Bonilla looking at European culture.

 The J&L Dance Company with Spanish Dancing.

Mariachi  Real de Mexico providing music

 Christina Piedra (L)  & Ivan Taylor with Salsa instruction 

Erica Lucinao (L) dancing with Ivan Taylor
Omokayma (L) dancing with Christina Piedra 

 Josephine & Sofia...

..Kristin & Evan..

... Nevaeh & Kristal..

 Principal Conroy & Belinda Aquine..

.. and some Teachers Salsa dancing.

Traditional Austrian (L) & Columbian costumes 

 Angie in her Colombian dress

Michaela (L) & Sofia just dancing.

Nylene getting a henna tattoo from Arva Attarwala 

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