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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Home Make-over

    Bogota Blog NJ has been contacted by the producers of the HGTV  show  "Cousins Undercover". They are looking for residents of Bergen County, and other communities in the Tri-State Area to nominate a Local Hero who is deserving of a "surprise" home  make-over. The nominated person can be anyone who has helped make a change  for the better in their community. It may be a local  public servant such as Police, Firefighters, members of the Armed Services.  Nurses, Teachers, Sports Coaches, or other community volunteers who have tried to help help make your area a better place to live. It may also be just a neighbor that makes an effort to bring a positive energy and spirit to your town by helping others in a time of need.
    HGTV is looking for application as soon as possible in order to find people who are deserving of a gift of their own. To submit a candidate for nomination please go to their website at : www.hgtvmakeovercasting.com and click on the application button in the upper right corner.  So if there is someone in your community that works hard for others and  you what to let them know their efforts are appreciated here is a chance to show them your gratitude.

    (it is asked that if  you could  inform them that you saw it on Bogota Blog NJ)

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