Monday, August 2, 2021

Atwater openings

   The Atwater Apartment Complex started to accept tenants for the third apartment building in mid-July. With this opening The Atwater reach approximately the 3/4 mark of the entire development.  When finished the Atwater will consist of 4 building total of 421 units in all with a mix of Studio, 1, & 2 bedroom apartments. 42 units be for affordable housing, some of these units will be 3 bedrooms apartments.  
  Located south of W. Ft. Lee Rd between River Rd and the Dillard Memorial Bridge, over the Hackensack River. The 13 acre site once housed the Hess gasoline depot and Sifford Ford Dealership and is approximately  2.5% of the area of the Borough.
  Originally awarded to River Development Corporation (RDC) in 2016 and named  “The River Club” it was to consists of five buildings, a river walk along the Hackensack River, and a Dog Park. Buildings 1-4 were scheduled  to be residential units only and be located on the South-West edge of the site. The Building will be arranged to follow the shore line of the river.  With the buildings being rectangular  in shape, having the longest side facing the river. The buildings will start at the Dillard Memorial Bridge  and continued south to the NY&SW railroad tracks. The Fifth Building will be a mixed unit structure with residential units and retail space on the first floor.
  In November of 2016 the Bogota Planning Board and Council approved the plans for the River Club by River Development Corporation.  RDC was granted a 30 year tax PILOT and committed to a $3 million Community benefit package which is to be paid to the Borough when certain milepost were achieved.  Under RDC the old Hess Oil Tanks were removed and a view of the Hackensack River could again be seen when driving west on W. Ft. Lee Rd.
  Early in  2018 RDC sold the rights of “The River Club” site to RCB Urban Renewal. RCB also acquired the old Hess Oil garage building on the other side of W.Ft.Lee rd. Then PCD Development  would be in charge of the development of the site and the contractor for the construction of the complex.  A number of changes were made to the original design.  The first was to reduce the number of buildings from five to four. The units in the building eliminated were combined with to adjacent structures. This allowed for more views of the river, while maintaining the total number of units in the complex. Another was to raise of the entire site to  10 ‘-0”above the floodplain. While the site was being prepared for foundation work, crews found some of the drainage line to the river were no longer in working order. As the drainage lines were replaced a check value system was added to the out flow at the river bank. This  “Duck Bill” drain valve will allow water to flow into the Hackensack River and stop higher tide, and flood waters from back flowing to the sewer system.  As foundation work began PCD  Development then reached an agreement with Bergen County to re-grade, and re-pave W. Ft.Lee Rd from the railroad crossing to the Dillard Bridge and has greatly reduced the amount of flooding on that section of roadway.  The ground breaking was held in October of 2019. As a result of the world wide health crisis all work was ordered to pause. Soon construction restarted at a slower pace, but increased as time moved on. In 2020 the complex was renamed the “Atwater” to coincide with the first building to be finished, and is now named 1000 W. Ft.Lee Rd.  This is the closet structure to street and the only building having five floors. All other building are four stories tall. 1000 W. Ft.Lee Rd will have three to four retail spaces at ground level. This main building also will house many of the amenities offered to the residents. This includes a swimming pool, which is handicapped accessible, and has a depth from 5 inches to four foot.  A number of lounge chairs (some within the water)  shaded seating with tables, individual cabanas all within a fenced enclosures. There is also a Life Guard on duty during operating hours.  Outside the pool fencing is a grass cover play and relaxing area, four separate grills, with a wash sink. A patio area with seating and fire pits also make-up the Outdoor area.
   Inside 1000 W. Ft.Lee Rd is the Atwater Club. This has a Fitness and Yoga centre, game rooms, and Children’s play room. Business amenities include an enclosed conference room,      work spaces, library and refreshment centre.  
  The rental units range from Studio to 2 bedroom apartments. Each unit is built with a fully equipped kitchen and quartz counter tops.  All units have a stacked clothes washer and dryer included. Each building has their own secure package delivering locker at the front entrance to the building. In addition all buildings have an emergency power system that will allow the public spaces and staircase to remain lighted if needed. 
  Each unit will have its own parking space designated for that unit, with additional parking available for guests. Over a dozen recharging  station have been installed for resident with Electric vehicles to use.  Resident Parking is separate from retail parking.  Once opened, retail business parking will be limited to in front of 100 W. Ft.Lee Rd.  
  Current construction to 4000 W.Ft Lee Rd is on going. This building has a planned opening in 2022. When all major construction is completed, work will begin to finish the river side walk and the public dog-park.  The dog park will be located on the eastern most area of the complex.  This will open to the general public as well as the residents.  Access will be from W.Ft.Lee Rd, just over the railway tracks. With the resident having their own  keyed access gate.  The river walk will run along the Hackesack River from the Dillard Bridge to the dog park.  The river walk will be open to the Public during daylight hours only. Residents will have full access to the walkway. The walkway will be design to be wide enough for the use of Emergency Service vehicles when needed. Entry gates for will be locked and only accessible by Emergency Services and maintenance with their own key access.
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