Monday, August 9, 2021

Go Fish Bogota

   On Wednesday-28-July  "Go Fish Seafood" held its grand opening. Located at 64 W. Main St in Bogota, NJ, it is the latest eating establishment to open with in the Borough. Owners Nylka and Mark Jeffries wanted to bring a family atmosphere of inclusiveness and great service to the area.  Mr. Jeffries explained saying:  "Other local businesses order food, we bring it to them personally." The Bogota location was chosen largely based on Mr. Jeffries growing up in Teaneck, NJ  and wanting to something special for the local communities. He credits earlier love of cook and experiment with new dishes in-order to create new taste different from anything else.
   Since opening Mr. Jeffries said that with August being the height of vacation season, and a power outage during their second day being open, foot traffic have been slow. However the restaurant already has a regular  group of customers, some returning on a daily basis. In the coming days more online deliver services will be under contract which will expand their service area. On Saturday Go Fish Seafood primer their latest menu item. This is a Caesar Shrimp Salad. The standard dressing has been enhanced with a touch of lemon. The shrimp is sauteed in a garlic butter and added on top of the salad. 
   The Head Chef  of Go Fish Seafood is Mr. Geisi Segura is also from Teaneck, he and Mr. Jeffries met  while working in the same establishment a number of years ago. Mr. Segura has over 20 years of experience as a Head Chef from a variety of restaurants. Together they would like to serve a  menu that is like no other seafood place. Some of their highlighted items are a salmon burger with a spicy lime mayo. A shrimp burger with a Go Fish secret sauce. Sugar cane shrimp with the use actual real sugar cane as a shish kabob so the sugar goes all through the shrimp.  Their signature dishes are personal creation of a shrimp burger. Other items are a Sugar cane shrimp and a supreme boil with a creamy garlic butter sauce. 
    They are open weekdays ( Except Tuesdays) from 12:00 noon to 8:00p. Fridays and Saturday their hours are extended from noon to 9:00p. Sunday they are open from noon to 7:00p. From more information, and to order on line, please visit their website at: 

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supreme boil with a creamy garlic butter sauce

Caesar Shrimp Salad

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