Saturday, August 28, 2021

Cups and Cops


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  On Saturday-28-August the Bogota Police Department hosted a Cups and Cops event in front of Police Headquarters. This was a way to thank the residents of Bogota for their support over their 100 years of service to the Borough.  The event was also a chance for all the citizens of Bogota to meet get to know the members of the Law Enforcement community by sharing some Ice Cream with the Officers.  Along with the Bogota Police members of the Bergen County Sheriff’s Department were on hand to meet the Public. 
 Bogota Police displayed some of their special equipment including the All Terrain Vehicle, the Hummer Truck that has been used in a number of rescues and extra protection and crowd control equipment. Another display was by the Bogota Detective Division which showed sample of illegal narcotics, and other drug paraphernalia. This enabled the Officers to explain to the Children and Parents on what to look for, and what type of harm they can do to a Human Being.  
    Bergen County Sheriff’s Department brought some of their vehicles and Officers to explain the different types protection the County Sheriff’s Department is in charge of. The most visible were a motorcycle from the Dept. Mounted Division. Anyone who wish had the opportunity to sit in the saddle and event turn on the lights of the motorcycle. Another was a member of the K-9 unit and his handler. While the officer explained what the K-9 unit does, the dog took the time to be petted and interact with the people.  Other County Units were the Bomb Squad, which gave a demonstration of their retrieval robot. This remotely is used when a situation is considered to dangerous for the personal.  With the assistance of the member of the audience the robot was able to pick-up a man’s wallet and return it to him without  damage.  Another department represented was the Command Vehicle, and the Officers and equipment of the Bergen County Regional Swat team. They explained how they work with local Law Enforcement to handle and resolve potential deadly and other aggressive action that may occur. 
  All the law Enforcement Officers talked to the public explaining their duties and showing some of their equipment. They also help, any one who wanted, to try and hold or put on certain items to feel the weight of the equipment. 
  As the afternoon move along a local Ice Cream truck arrived to hand out treats to everyone who waited. This gave another chance for the members of the Police Departments and Public to just sit and share experience with one another.

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( To help  support Bogota Blog NJ with it's coverage of Local stories & sports
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