Tuesday, June 20, 2023

Bogota High School Class of 2023


On Friday 16-June the Bogota High School Class of 2023 held their Commencement Ceremony in Speary Gym.  Vice Principal Dr. Malcolm Lash welcome the attendees to the 96th graduating class in the school's history. Principal Ms. Kelly DeCongelio  could not attend due to personal matters.
  The program started with Valedictorian Ms. Amisha Singh leading the Flag Salute, and then singing the National Anthem. Superintendent of Bogota Schools Mr. Damian Kennedy addressed the Seniors. He began by remembering that when this class entered Bogota High  School as seventh grade Students he was their Principal. He continued in saying that the 86 Senior had 105 acceptances from Colleges, Universities and Technical Schools. Superintendent Kennedy ended his speech by reciting the poem "The Bottom Line" this tells of how anyone must choose the path they follow, or the future to live. But it must be done by that individual and not rely on other choosing it for them. The goal of their success will be determined on the work and effort the Students put into their future.  
 This was followed by the Bogota Concert Band playing a medley from the show " Phantom of the Opera. This would be the first Commencement Ceremony under the direction of Mr. David Abraham.
  The Keynote Speaker was Mr. John Sterling, who is retiring from teaching after 35 years in Bogota, and 40 years overall. He started by congratulate the Seniors in the strength and courage on overcoming the disruption of their lives and still being successful is something he will always remember. 
   In Valedictorian Ms. Amisha Singh address she first thanked her Family for their support and allowing to be herself. In her speech she talked about a young girl who became a part of the Class of 2023. Excited to attend her first class, learn new things and to make friends. Then when she moved to the High School took the opportunity to be involved with as many activities as possible. As she became a Freshman she started to focus on her future and learning new skills and adventures. When life changed as a Sophomore her, and her classmates tried their best to learn on a computer and trying to maintain friendships without contact.  As a Junior wearing mask in school and having a virtual pep-rally. When Senior year came, they tried make-up for what had missed and to enjoy every moment as possible. Now she wishes the class of 2023 to continue write their own stories and remember they can accomplish what they set their mind on doing. 
   This was followed by the Bogota High School Choir sang " Don't Stop Me Now" under the Direction of Mr. Michael Prachthauser in his first Commencement Ceremony. When all the Seniors received their Diplomas members of the Student Council Valerie Brito, Simra Syeda-Fatima, Mia Pimentel and Siffedo Gonzalez lead the Graduates in the Ephebic Oath. Then they announced their class gift to the school will be a Buddy Bench at Feigel Field in honour of the two retiring Teachers Ms. Joan Frey, and Mr. John Sterling. 
  Ms. Daniella Alomonte led the Graduates in singing of the Alma Mater. Then Class President Ms. Valerie Brito led the Graduates in moving their tassels from the right to the left, then counted down for the cap toss signaling they have become the latest Alumni of the Bogota High School.

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