Tuesday, June 13, 2023

E. Roy Bixby Class of 2023

   On Monday-12-June the E. Roy Bixby School in Bogota held their Promotion Ceremony for the Class of 2023.  This was moved to the Moore Gym in Steen School due to weather concerns.  The ceremony was the same as in past years when held in the Bixby courtyard, including the blue and white balloon arch. 
   Mr. Ayden Ovando led the audience in the Pledge of Allegiance, and the National Anthem.  He would then introduce Bixby Principal Mr. Damon Englese. Principal Englese congratulated the Students for their achievements in school, and their work at learning and growing.  He then left them with these final words.  If you fail, never give up because FAIL means First Attempt In Learning.  End is not the end, in fact END means Effort Never Dies.  If you get NO as an answer, remember NO means Next Opportunity.
 Next Superintendent Mr. Damian Kennedy talked to the Students saying that with effort, dedication, and hard work, in school and in life, beautiful things can happen. Overcoming challengers will build strength and confidence. Citing Michael Jordan, Walt Disney and others, Superintendent Kennedy told the Students that hard work, being curious, asking questions will help to accomplish many goals. He added that they should also enjoy the journey of learning along the way. 
   The next speakers were Mr. Jakob-Alvarez Haviaris, and Ms. Rodaina El-Boushy. They talked about their experiences at Bixby School. From starting six years ago to being one step away from Middle School. They thanked Principal Englese along with the Teachers, and Staff at Bixby School. They thanked their Parents and Families for supporting them. And wished their classmates the best in the upcoming future.
  This was followed by the presentation of a number of school awards. The first was Principal's Caring Award. This was given to Mr. Fabian Tamayo. Next was the Bogota VFW Post # 5561 Award for Highest Academic Achievement. These were won by Ms. Denia Games and Mr. Tamayo. Other awards were from the American Legion Post #117, the Bogota Police Dept. the Bixby PTO, and other academic honors. 
  Finally, the time came to have the 2023 Fifth Grade Class of the E. Roy Bixby school receive their Certificates of Promotion from Principal Englese. When the final certificate was presented, the Students were introduced, and given a round of applause from those in attendance.

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