Saturday, June 3, 2023

Informational meeting


  On Friday-2-June the Bogota Junior Police Academy (BJPA) held an informational meeting for Students and Parents to learn about the upcoming BJPA Class 01 starting in August of 2023. The meeting was led by Academy Director Det. Michael LaFerrera and Sgt. Devin Rivera. They introduced themselves and talked about the new Bogota Junior Police Academy. Det. LaFerrera said that is based on the former Bogota Police Emergency Service Youth Academy (BPESYA) with a goal of teaching and training Bogota Middle School Students in life skills, physical training, and a look into the work involved to be a member of the Emergency services units in Bogota.
  Det. LaFerrera announced the academy will start on Friday- 11 August and will continue on Monday to Friday 14-18 August.  A Cadet’s Duty Day will run from 07:30 to 14:30, with a lunch break. Wednesday -16-August there will be an evening duty call from 19:00 to 21:30 (7:00PM-09:30PM).  During a Duty Day the Cadets will have classroom education, emergency services presentations/hands on activities, physical training, scuba training and team building activities.    Uniforms, equipment, and snacks will be provided but Cadets will need to bring their own lunch.  Graduation will be Friday-18-August with the time to be determined.  
During parts of the meeting BPESYA Director, retired Police Sgt Mr. Craig Lynch added some details of what the academy experience can be expected by the Cadet. He was joined by Ms. Elisabeth Weiskus who will be a part of the BJPA.  Both said that this new Academy will be close to its predecessor.  Both will have activities that will push a Cadet beyond what they think they could. While providing the encouragement to let the Cadet grow both Physically and Personally. Sgt.  Rivera added if the Cadets return home tired (or very tired) but eager to return to class the next day everyone has met their goal.
  At the end of the meeting a number of Parents took application, with others returned the completed forms. Applications are still available at Bogota Police Headquarters.  All application must be filled out by the Student wishing to attend the Academy. Applications are due by Tuesday-6-June at 3:00PM.  All completed applications should be returned to Bogota Police Headquarters located at 375 Larch Avenue Bogota, NJ.  Class selection will be completed by June 15.  There will be two parent orientations, but parents only need to attend one of the two dates.  The tentative dates for the orientations will be June 21 at 7:00PM and June 24 at 10:00AM.  These meetings should only take approximately one hour.
  There is a $250.00 fee to attend the Academy, it will be due after the Students is accepted into the Academy.   Det. LaFerrera added that there are programs available to assist a Cadet, financially, to attend the Academy.  He said that anyone is welcome to sponsor a Cadet for Class 01. Also welcome is any donation of goods and services that will aid the Academy will be accepted. Financial gifts will also be accepted. To Sponsor a Cadet, or to donate to the Bogota Junior Police Academy please contact Academy Director Det. Michael LaFerrera at:           


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