Thursday, June 29, 2023

Clap out 2023

 On Tuesday-20-June a number of Seniors of the Bogota High School Class of 2023 donned their Cap and Gowns one more time and toured the Schools of Bogota. These are the same schools many attended years ago. They started at Steen walking up the stairs and back into site of past classrooms. When all the Students were gathered by the Main Office, they began their walk through the school. They were led by Steen Principal Mr. Chris Albiez and High School Vice Principal Dr. Malcolm Lash, along with Senior Advisors Ms. Joan Frey, and Ms. Kristy Duchensky, down the same hallways used when they first entered the Bogota School System. Lining the hallways were the Students and teachers giving the High Schoolers applause as they walked by. One Senior was presented with a large heart made by third grade Students. 
   Then they travel to Bixby School, with Principal Damon Englese welcoming the soon to be Graduates. They were met with similar applause they received from the first stop as they continued through the building.  At both schools there were moments to be shared with former Teachers. Many of those teachers now looking up their past Students. Quick stories were shared about; “Do you remember when...”  “Look at how you have grown..” And how happy and proud they are of them as they start a new part of their lives. Some of the Seniors would get hugs from younger Sibling, or other Children of Family friends. A few would show the emotion of what this memory will be in the years ahead.  Members of the Volleyball had a chance for one more photo with Coach Ms. Katherine Sura.
  The Seniors then moved to the Middle School. When the Seniors walk by the Seventh Grade class they were given a firsthand view of the footsteps they will be following in for the 2023-24 School year.
   When they arrive at the High School, they posed in front of the building above the banner congratulation them. They closed the circle by returning for one final walk of the halls of Bogota High School. They were greeted by the underclassmen, who lined the halls to give them a final send off. This also gave the Seniors a chance to say one more goodbye to the Teachers and Staff they have shared the last four to six years with. 

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