Monday, September 9, 2013

Day of Service


    On Sunday members of Trinity Lutheran Church volunteered their time after Sunday Services to do some cleaning up of Olsen Park in Bogota. They met at the Playground and pick up some garbage bags, and a few spiked sticks and combed the park looking for leftover trash. There were some obvious things that need to get pickup like and out stuff doll that had been torn apart with it's fluff near the swings. Water bottles, and candy wrappers that somehow still missed one of the many trash cans around the park had to be placed in it's proper container. One group concentrated on the new bandstand, as  the volunteers used their sticks to pull items that had gone under the stage. Another group made their way to the banks of the Hackensack River to clean up near the lone picnic at the waters edge, while other ventured closer toward the river digging out trash that had been brought ashore. Unfortunately one of the items retrieved was a tied up bag of dog waste, which seemed to be tossed into the river instead of in the trash can by the picnic bench.
  Over all the volunteers admitted that they were happy of how little work they actually had to do in the park. It is a good sign that between the work of the Borough Dept. of Public Works who does the maintenance of Bogota's Parks, and the citizens who use the parks help keep these area looking nice. After a few more rounds of picking up litter, some from inside the Tennis & Basketball courts, and along the walking trails, the volunteers compared notes to make sure all areas have been cleaned.
  Then they gathered for a simple lunch of sandwiches, cookies, and fruits to further enjoy a Sunday Afternoon in Olsen Park.

 Pastor Peter  & Sesle Olsen cleaning up near the playground.

Steven Koskimen 

Pat (L) & Doug Zincentz cleaning up along the walking trails.

Harvey Murphy (L) & Dana Ashley taking care of the bandstand.

Cleaning Up along the banks of the Hackensack River.

Pastor Olsen giving the Basketball Courts another look.

Members of the Trinity  Church 

Pastor Olsen saving grace.

Volunteers then having Lunch.

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