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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Marching Bucs


   Another part of the the successful home opener on 21-Sept. was the performance of the High School Marching Buccaneers Band, along with the Colour Guard & Twirlers. The dry, clear day gave Mr. McCann's musicians an idea performing space to show their skills. This year under the direction of Co-Drum Majors Heather Mirabel & Omar Rojas the band performed the music, and move they have been working  all summer.The steady breeze helped Ms. Bakers Colour Guard in providing a background to the show. After some games having to deal with heavy downpours to blizzard condition, this day the Marching Buccaneers were able to give the Students & Parents an entertaining halftime show. To let the Band know that they are much apart of the day as the game itself many in the audience joined in the ending "Go-Band-Go" at the end of the performance.
  This Saturday 28-Sept. The Bogtoa Band Parents will hold their annual Town Wide Garage Sale in an effort to the Buccaneers marching.

 Select photos of the performance , and action from the game are available for purchase at :http://bogotablognj.zenfolio.com/
(purchase of  any items helps support Bogota Blog NJ)

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