Thursday, September 5, 2013

First Day

   Today was the first day of school for the students of the Bogota School District, St. Joesph's School started on Wednesday. This was a time for classmate to renew friendships, and meet new ones.  A chance to tell last year's Teacher what happened over Summer Vacation. And to find out what this years grade will be like. Incoming Kindergarten's get their first experience of school life, with Seventh Graders trying out a new uniform, and not being the tallest kids in school anymore. While the Seniors are already counting the days until the end of June.
  Adults also had a chance to see the other Parents and to share stories about the Summer, and plan on what to do with all their newly found free time.

 The Grade Schools welcoming the Students back.

 Students  renewing Friendships with classmates & faculty.
 While Parents do the same.

Then off to start class.

 Then at the end of the first day.

Students looking for their Parents

Parents wanting to find out about their day.

And meeting future Students.

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  1. Would love to see pics of the beautiful new planting at Steen!