Thursday, October 23, 2014

1,000th Post

   On 17- March -2011, also a Thursday, a  first story was posted on a new web site calling itself "Bogota Blog NJ".  It was a several article about the upcoming Pasta Dinner for the Bogota Band Parents.  This brief bit of History will now serve as part of  the 1,000th post of "Bogota Blog NJ".   The goal is to tell the stories from the place I live in, that were not being  covered by the local paper.  I hope that the past 999 were informative, maybe entertaining, interesting, and most important real.  I have not tried to be too extravagant with my choice of words in telling the stories, but also I have tried not to be trivial about the subjects I have covered.  A kindergarteners first Halloween parade, winning , or losing a sporting event, or  political, & business news are equally important to the people who have lived through it. I continue to feel honoured that the people of Bogota have let me in to experience part of their lives with me, and to present them to the World at Large.  I hope The Blog has grown along with me in covering the part of New Jersey we live in.
   I  have, and will always, need to thank my Family in letting me  do what I need to do to cover  Bogota. We have gone from." So you're her Dad", or " I finally get to meet your Husband" to  ' Oh you're married to the guy who is always taking pictures".  Over the past year I have been able to spend more time with the Blog,  allowing me a greater opportunity to expand. The first paid advertiser  has signed-up with Bogota Blog NJ, and the e-store has been selling  photos that have appeared in stories online. There is still room to grow, and ideas that can hopefully come about, to improve the coverage of Bogota.
  I want to thank everyone who has helped the Blog grow  over the past three years. Asking to post about upcoming events, telling me a little more about what I am covering, and even letting me know when something was not correct. I would rather not do a story if I can not have the facts right. Any help is always appreciated from sending me photos of event I can not get to letting me know what else is part of a story.
  So for a 1,000th post I just want to thank the Citizens of Bogota, New Jersey for their continuing support.

 Stephen Mazzella
 Bogota Blog NJ

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