Friday, October 10, 2014

Bogota Green Team

   The Bogota Green team has been awarded Bronze level certification by Sustainable New Jersey. This is in recognition  of the work the Bogota Green Team has been doing to help improve the quality of life within the Borough. Over the last few years the Bogota Green Team has organized various events to promote a more sustainable, and cleaner way of life for the residents of Bogota. Their most recent event was the Bogota Green Fair & Shredding day on 4-Oct. Some more of their work includes the cleaning up the creek the runs along Elm Ave. And the removal of trash at  the off ramp from I-80.  The Green Team has also started a Tree Farm at Munn & Elm Ave to help with the replacement of trees, in the Borough that  are in need of removal for any reason.  They have also assisted Ms. Geraghty of Steen School to clean up the garden at school. This not only helps with the obvious need to maintain a garden, but allows the garden to be used as an learning environment about the environment. 
     Daniele Fede , Chair of the  Bogota Green Team, explained what it means to the Borough. Sustainable certification is a prestigious designation for the municipal government.  It documents that the Borough has a dedication to sustainable practices in the areas of natural resources, food, health, energy efficiency and many more action items. The Green Team  have established programs and protocols such as Green Fairs, Tree maintenance plans, prescription drug disposal, energy tracking, green purchasing policies and many more that they will continue to do.  Part of the Green teams goal is to promote way to save energy, costs and other good ideas that will benefit  human health and the environment.  With this certification Bogota  will now be eligible for grants to increase their practices.  The Green team will continue to work at increasing  their level of certification in ways that will continue to improve life in Bogota.
  On Tuesday 18- November The Bogota Green Team will be awarded their  certification at the  Sustainable Jersey Luncheon in Atlantic City, NJ. For more information about the Sustainable Jersey please go to their website at :

                                             Some of the project by the Bogota Green Team


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