Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Prescription Card

   On Tuesday 7-Oct the Borough of Bogota started it's version of the New Jersey Drug Card program. The event took place at the Bogota Senior Center in order to distribute the first cards and to inform those in attendance how the program works.This is a free prescription drug card that will allow the bearer to receive up to a 75% discount on name brand as well as generic prescription drug. over 40 Pharmacies will honour this cards. There are also discount for Eyeglasses & Hearing Aids at selective companies. This card are free to all Bogota resident, and may be pick up in Borough Hall, the Monday Meetings with Mayor Jackson , and at the next Borough Council meeting  to be held on 16- Oct.
  These cards are part of the  New Jersey Prescription Assistance Program. There are no sign-ups except for placing  the users name on the card.  Since is not insurance there are no restriction or pre-existing conditions to report.
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