Wednesday, October 15, 2014



   The Bogota Police Dept has announced affected on Thursday 16 -Oct the sidewalk in front of 297 Palisade Ave. will be closed to pedestrian foot traffic. This is due to the continuing construction at this address, and the increase volume of  equipment moving on and off that site.  The section of sidewalk on the east side of Palisade Ave between Fourth Place and the Valley Bank entrance will be closed. Signs will be posted, and uniform officers will be on site to help those who may need assistance. Crossing guards will also be available to assist Students at the respective crossing. It is recommended to cross at the E.Ft. Lee Rd & E. Main St. intersections. Institution such as this the developer reimburses the Police dept for the use of their Officers to help with the public safety.  For further information or other question about this. please contact the Bogota Police dept at: or call them at 201-487-2400

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