Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Bogota Bucs Soccer

    The Bogota Bucs Soccer team had it's game stopped at Bergen Tech yesterday 21-Oct due to lighting and field condition. The start of the game was delayed because of lighting in the area during warm-ups.  Then mid-way through the first half Officials were asked to pause the game due to Lighting in the area. By league rules game must be stopped for at least a half hour after the last lighting alert has been made. During the pause a harder rain started to fall and Officials & both Coaches agreed that  field conditions would be unsafe for the players to resume the game.
   The score was  0-1 in favor of Bergen Tech. The game will be replayed on Monday 27- Oct at Bergen Tech and have a 4:00p kickoff. The game will be replayed from the beginning.
  Bogota will next play on Friday 24-Oct against Hawthorne Christian at Home in the Soccer field at Overpeck Park in the Ridgefield Park section. The Kick-off is Scheduled for 4:00p This will be Bogota final Home game of their Inaugural season, and the will be honouring the two Senior players  before the game.

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