Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Election 2014

5- November-2014
  The results of the 2014 election for Bogota: 
   There will be a new Mayor for the next year as Councilman Christopher Kelemen was elected over current Mayor Tito Jackson.  Mr. Keleman won by less than 30 votes   of over the 2,200 casted. Mr. Keleman is the son of former Bogota Mayor Alexander  Keleman which may be the first time a Father and Son have served as Mayor of Bogota. 

Mayor Elect Christopher Keleman

  For members of the Borough Council Councilwoman Lisa Kohles has held on to her seat getting the most votes of any the candidates. First time Candidate Thomas Napolitano has won the second seat on the Borough Council.  

Councilwoman Lisa Kolhes

Councilman Elect Thomas Napolitano

  For School Board  James Moore, Patrick McHale, and Consuelo Carpenter won the three seats voted on. Kathryn Van Buren  was voted in  fill out a one year unexpired term.

   In the races for County offices. For County Executive, Freeholder James Tedesco  has defeated current Executive Kathleen Donovan. For the Board of Freeholders  incumbent Joan Voss & David Ganz were reere elected

  For the U.S. House of Representatives, NJ fifth District  incumbent Scott Garrett defeated Roy Cho.
  For the U.S. Senate incumbent Cory Booker  was been reelected over Jeff Bell.

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