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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Bogota Holiday Wish List

   This year Bogota Blog NJ would like to find out how the readers of this Blog feel about what they want in the future.  It is being called the Bogota Holiday Wish List, part  letter to Santa, part New Years resolution.  However it  may included ideas that go beyond the Holiday and even well into the future. There will be few restrictions the main one is to eliminate the use of negations and use a respectful tone.  Items can be of almost any topic. They can  be humorous & lighthearted to serious & charitable.  Practicality should not be a factor in adding an item to the list. Some of the more outlandish thoughts may inspire some else's creativity. Wishes can be of a personally, communal, local, worldwide, physical or spiritual. If while reading someone elses wish, a feeling that you, or someone  could help with it, by all means do so. Granting someones wish is not limited to anyone person, or group. The Blog will  post submissions at the desecration of the Editor. Submissions may be edited for context and space.  Any inappropriate submissions will not be used.
   It is asked that one wish per person, per day is submitted. This can be done by email to: bogotablognj@gmail.com or leaving a comment on the Blog's facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/BogotaBlogNJ?sk=wall when there is a story about the wish list on it. There will be a weekly posting of responses in December & January. This is totally voluntary, and hopefully a bit of fun
   To start with  here is a wish for Bogota  Blog NJ for the upcoming year.

 My wish for Bogota Blog  NJ is to be able to have someone who can take the time to cover the Borough Council Meetings and the Board of Education meeting for the posting on Bogota Blog NJ. This would help the Blog to expand the cover of Bogota and help keep the readers informed  of  news about the Borough of Bogota. 

( To help  support Bogota Blog NJ with it's coverage of Local news & sports please contribute what you can by using the  donation button  at the top right of the page.)

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