Monday, November 24, 2014

Lighting Planters


   On Sunday 23-Nov. Volunteers from Bogota Beautiful adding some Holiday lighting to the planters on W. Main St.  These planters were set-up in June of this year to add some colour to the W. Main St. Business section of Bogota. For the Fall & Winter season the summer plants have been removed and replaced by solar powered lights. They are in the process of obtaining small evergreen trees to be the centerpiece of the  planter all year round, in the meantime a painted support  is being used to create a "tree" shape for the string of lights.
   For more information about volunteering with , or donating to Bogota Beautiful please visit their website at:

Isabel(L) & Amaru Bustamante...

...and Isabel Bustamante (L) & Mayor Chris Keleman cleaning
out the planters.

Joe Gallagher (L) with Amaru & Isabel Bustamante preparing the lights.

Isabel(L) & Amaru Bustamante adding lights

Mayor Chris Keleman and Amaru Bustamante  looking a finished planters.

Lighted Planters

   On Sunday 23- Nov. the Bogota Community Alliance held the first day of registration for the 2015 Miss Bogota Pageant. This was held at the Bogota Recreation Center, with only a small numbers of contestant signing up. There will be a second registration day on Sunday 30- Nov from 12:00 noon to 4:00p also at the Bogota Recreation Center located at 162 W. Main St. in Bogota, NJ. This is open to all females  who reside in the Borough of Bogota. This year it is open to those women who live in the surrounding community neighbor Bogota. There are three ages groups to the pageant. the first is for the title of Little Miss Bogota this is for girls from the ages of 5 to 10 years old. The next is Miss Teen Bogota which is open to those young ladies from the age 11 to 14 years. Those who want to be eligible for the title of Miss Bogota must to aged 15 to 18 years old. There is a $15 entrance fee. Application are available at the Bogota Rec Center and at the Bogota Public Library located at 175 Larch Ave. in Bogota, NJ. For more information please call 201-880-5492.
   Some preliminary events are an orientation on Sun. 7- December. A Breakfast with Santa on Sun. 14- Dec. at the Bogota Rec Center . The talent show on Sat. 14- Jan-2015 at the High School. The final Gala is scheduled for Saturday 7- March-2015 at Bogota High School. Times and further event will be announced at a later date. All event are subject to change. 

Carlos Buhler  (L)signing-up Angelina with the help of Marilex Santana

Lorelai (L)  signing up

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