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Miss Bogota 2014 and pancakes

14- Nov. 2014

    The Steen School is hosting a Flapjack breakfast at Applebee's restaurant on Saturday 15- Nov. this will run from 8:00a to 10:00a. This will be at the Applebee's Restaurant located at 450 Hackensack Ave. in Hackensack, NJ. This is a PTO fundraiser for the 2015 Steen 6th grade class. For more information please call Judania Mejia at 917-520-4089.

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   The Bogota Community Alliance is holding two days of registration days for any contestant who wishes to enter this years pageant.  These will be on Sundays 23- & 30 Nov. starting at 12:00 noon and going until 4:00p. It will be held at the Bogota Recreation Center located at 162 W. Main St. Bogota, NJ. This is open to all females  who reside in the Borough of Bogota. This year it is open to those women who live in the surrounding community neighbor Bogota. There are three ages groups to the pageant. the first is for the title of Little Miss Bogota this is for girls from the ages of 5 to 10 years old. The next is Miss Teen Bogota which is open to those young ladies from the age 11 to 14 years. Those who want to be eligible for the title of Miss Bogota must to aged 15 to 18 years old. There is a $15 entrance fee. Application are available at the Bogota Rec Center and at the Bogota Public Library located at 175 Larch Ave. in Bogota, NJ. For more information please call 201-880-5492.
 This is the second year of the pageant,  the first year ended late in the 2013. The BCA has moved the dates of the  2015 pageant in order to have a the winners be apart of the Bogota Memorial Day Parade. There are some events that the contests will be part of , they are to help serve dinners at  the BCA Breakfast with Santa on Sun 14- Dec. ( time and ticket to be announced at a later date.) The pageant is also looking to take part in the Borough Tree Lighting in December when that date is announced. The Winners of the Pageant will also have the opportunity to represent Bogota in future events throughout the year.
   The Miss Bogota Pageant is a chance for the young ladies of the Borough to some themselves in a positive light.  It will have the standard talent and beauty sections, but there will also be event that will focus on the importance of Community Service and working together as a group for a common goal.

   (it is asked that while attending this event you  inform them that you saw it on Bogota Blog NJ)

Little Miss Bogota Mariapaula Gargiulo (L) Miss Bogota  Meghan Pulido,
and Miss Teen Bogota 
Angelina Garcia, 

 At the Memorial Day Parade. 

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