Friday, November 21, 2014

Fall Sports recap

    Last weekend the teams from Bogota High School ended their seasons. The Bucs Football team lost their 1st round playoff game to Becton. This was the first Playoff Game the Football team participated in under fourth year Coach Nick DeStefano.  The past two season the Bucs play and won the postseason consolation games.
   The Bogota Lady Bucs Volleyball Team lost to Secaucus in the  State Group I Final. While the Boys Cross Country squad placed 8th out of 20 in the Group I  meet.
   These are just three losses at the end of the  Fall Sports Season which went from late August to early November. Overall the five  Fall  Varsity teams from Bogota High School had a combined record of 54-14-2
   This season marked the first year of the Bogota Soccer team. While many of their game were officially classified as Junior Varsity  games they finished their Inaugural season with a record of 10-4-2. They also fielded a Co-Ed  Rooster while playing all men's teams. The soccer program was voted on at the end of the last school year which was too late to have a regular league schedule so a make-shift schedule had to be used.
   The Bogota Football team started their season 5-0  with a couple of upset wins to give them second place in the Patriot League finishing  6-4
   The Lady Bucs Volleyball team with four straight State Group I titles still finished with a 24-4 record. Even with normal graduation of Seniors a win against a Bogota Volleyball team is still hard to come by.
   The Bogota Cross Country squad are also still a challenge to compete against. The Women's Squad had a 6-2 record in League Meets while the Men's Squad sweep their League going 8-0  on their way to a third straight Patriot league title, a Group "D"  title and the 2014 Group I Team of the year, with Coach Jay Mahoney winning his second  Coach of the year in the past three season.
   Business may open then close, Politicians win & lose election, Houses are bought, and sold, but the dedication and  hard work of the Women & Men attending Bogota High School  is passed on from grade to grade. A small school which has a history of  achieving great things  when given the opportunity.  They are not only standimg on the shoulders of the Student -Athletes who came before them, they are guided, trained, and taught by Teachers & Coaches who help them to be better at the games they play, and how to be prepared to take on the challenge of becoming members of the community they live in , and the future that awaits them.  There is also the work done by the Cheerleaders and one of the Finest  High School Bands in the Land to cheer them on.  With both groups standing with them at Home games, and also traveling to away game bring thier support with them.
   While behind them all are the Parents & Family who over  countless hours of practices, road trips and the occasional missed dinners will always be there to support their Daughters & Sons financially and more importantly emotionally no matter what the final score  is.

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