Thursday, November 13, 2014

Mayor Chris Keleman

 13- Nov.-2014
   On Thursday 13- Nov. Chris Keleman was ceremonially swore in as Mayor of Bogota, NJ. He will be officially become the Mayor after  the Bergen County Board of Elections  certified his election. It is scheduled to do this on Friday 14- Nov.
   Mr Keleman was sworn in  by Andrew  Fede as his wife Diane held a Bible for him, and surround by his Family.  Mayor Keleman in his exception speech thanked his Family and Friends, along with other supporters. He recalled his life as a Citizens of Bogota, from meeting his future Wife while in Kindergarten, mowing lawns to earn a little money to his graduation from High School. Mayor Keleman noted that he has been elected by only a small majority and would tried to earn the trust of all the residents of Bogota over the coming year. Parts of his speech echoed that of  Former Mayor Jackson in that the elected officials should be concerned in serving the "B" or "Bogota Party" over any other political affiliations.  The example he gave is how one of the newer groups to the Borough called Bogota Beautiful  is working to help improve the Borough.  Mayor Keleman talked about how he, Mr. Jackson and others volunteered to set-up the planters now on Main St. He sees this as a call to all Bogota resident that each one has the power to make Bogota a beautiful place to live. He talked about working to improve the day to day life in Bogota. Mayor Keleman other goal for the coming year is to continue to with the Board of Education to keep on improving the quality of Bogota Schools.  To oversee and encourage new development within the Borough, and to supply the Borough's Volunteer Emergency Services, and DPW with the needed equipment to do their job.
  Mayor Keleman is serving for one year to fill out the term of Patrick McHale who resigned in 2013. In 2015 there the office of Mayor will be on the Ballot for the full four year term.

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