Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Class 07 the movie

    On Monday-11-December the Bogota Emergency Services Youth Academy premiered movie the highlighting the Academy's Class 07. This was shown at the Teaneck Cinemas on Cedar Lane in Teaneck, NJ. Before the movie began. Program Director Sgt Craig Lynch welcomed the Alumni, Family and Friends who came to share the moment together. He open his talk by by yelling "EARS"  which was the signal to all the Academy Alumni to pay attention and listen. Sgt Lynch then joked that is was acceptable  if some of the Parents continued to talk. Then Program Coordinator Anna Geraghty welcomed everyone in attendance and acknowledge their Special guest including Bogota Mayor Chris Kelemen, Bogota Police Chief Daniel Maye along with members of the Bogota Borough Council and Board of Education. She  also introduce a number of Academy Instructors who were also in attendance.  Miss Anna's final statement was to announce she will be stepping down as Program Coordinator in order to focus on the birth of her first child. But she promised to still visit the Academy and possible continue to teach her class there. Program Technical Advisor Rey Sanchez explain about the opening of the film. Under his direction the movie open with a montage of Academy footage mixed in with images of basic military training. This was to highlight how the model of the Academy is based on military training which is used to teach the recruits discipline, focus and respect.
  Class 07 the Movie  followed the experience of the members of Class 07  from application a day in mid June  to their graduation in August. The use of conventional, personally mounted, and aerial platforms gave the audience a variety of looks at the life of a Cadet going through one of the finest Youth Academies in New Jersey. It also showed the work and determination done by the Cadets, along with the dedication of the Academy's Staff and Instructors to bring out the best in the Cadets.     
  Anyone wishing to purchase a copy of this movie can contact the Bogota Police Emergency Service Youth Academy at:  bpesya@outlook.com cost is $10.00   For more information about the Bogota Police Emergency Service Youth Academy please visit their website at: http://www.bpesya.com/

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