Monday, July 9, 2018

Bicycle Safety

  Starting in the month of July -2018 the Bogota Police Dept is encouraging better Bicycle and Pedestrian safety awareness. This particularity aimed at  Students ages 4 to 17 so they will travel safely on all public streets.  For anyone who rides a bike, uses a skate board, or roller skates they need to follow the basic rules. For any Bike rides helmets must be worn. They should be properly size for each individual. Wearing elbow and knee pads is also recommended.  Older riders should only ride on the street moving with the traffic in which ever lane they are using. Stop signs and traffic lights are to be obeyed  by bicyclist as well as motor vehicle drivers.  Hand turn signals must be used to indicated in which the direction the bicyclist is turning. and swerving though traffic is a stoppable offense. Younger rider,  as well as skate boarder, or roller skater are asked to stay on the sidewalk and must allow any Pedestrian the right of way. 
   Pedestrian are asked to be alert when traveling on sidewalks. They need to watch for anyone else traveling on the same sidewalk. Everyone using the streets and sidewalk should always stop at corners that are signed, or with a traffic signal. Any wheeled vehicle must come to a full and completed stop at a Stop sign before proceeding. All traffic must wait for the traffic light to changed to green, or the walk signal is on, before crossing the street.  Pedestrian should cross only at corners that have a crosswalk available.  While at "Zebra Crossing" the Pedestrian does have the right of way everyone should still stop and look both ways before crossing. 
    The Bogota Police Dept. is working with the Bogota 7-11 store  to reward anyone who is traveling safely on the Borough street. Uniform patrol officers will be distributing coupons to anyone from the ages of 4 to 17 years old with a drink coupon that are following the safety rules properly. This can be redeemed at the 7-11, located at the corner of E.Main St and Palisades Ave.  This will be continued until Friday-31-August. The coupon will also get you a photo with one of the Police Officers They are hoping to have the Students of Bogota rise to the challenge to have a safe Summer.

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