Friday, July 27, 2018

Bogota Soccer

   On Thursday-26-July the Bogota Soccer Bucs held a conditioning camp for the upcoming season. This is for any Student who  wishes to try out with the Bogota Soccer clubs for the upcoming season. There are three level of teams for Bogota interscholastic program. The Varsity Men's Soccer Bucs. A Co-ed Junior Varsity Soccer Bucs, and the Co-ed Middle School Soccer Bucs. Players from all levels attend the workout on the Bogota Soccer Field in Olsen Park. The Students took part in strength and agility exercises to warm up. Then they went through a few drills to improve some basic skills.  There was a mix of veteran players from last seasons team. Middle School Student who have moved up to the High School level, and first year middle school Student, and other wishing to play for Bogota. At the end of training there was a quick scrimmage to get game experience.  On this day there was enough Student to field two full teams for the game. These session will continue from the rest of the week, and the weeks following until Monday-6-August. Men's Varsity Coach Nicholas Capitanello, and Middle School Coach Samantha Smith observed the students as they took part in the drills, and played the game. 
   Sessions will be held from 9:00a to 11:00a  weather permitting. Other session may be added to allow Student attending Summer School, away on vacation, or other Summer actives to have the opportunity to try-out for Bogota Soccer. Each player must have the following items on the first day of practice (mandatory): shin guards, cleats, soccer socks, soccer shorts/sweatpants and at least one bottle of water.
  In order to participate in the soccer practices and games, the student (s) will need to hand in a copy of their physical forms and consent form.  The following items must be handed in before the first day of practice:
-Bogota High School Parental Consent Slip
-Consent Form
-Pre-participation Physical Evaluation (History Form)
-Sudden Cardiac Death Pamphlet (Sign-off Sheet)
 For more information please contact Coach Capitanello at : ,
 Coach Smith at: or Coach Severino at

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( To help  support Bogota Blog NJ with it's coverage of Local stories & sports
 please contribute  at: donate to Bogota Blog NJ )         

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