Friday, November 29, 2019

Bogota Tree


  Bogota Beautiful has been invited to decorate the Bogota tree at the 2019 Bergen County Winter Wonderland. Bogota Beautiful is looking for volunteers to assist them in trimming the tree in Bogota Purple and Bucs Gold.  This will take place during the first week of December starting on Tuesday-3-December. Decorating must be complete by early afternoon on Friday-6-December. A representative from Bogota Beautiful is schedule to on hand to oversee the tree trimming. They are planning to have photos of the Borough as the main focus of the design. This is to highlight the Borough of Bogota to those who attended the Winter Wonderland.  For more information  on volunteering for this or any  other Bogota Beautiful project. Or to join Bogota Beautiful as a Active, or Prospective member, and  to donate to help Bogota Beautiful please visit their website at :  or email them at: 
   The 2019 Bergen County Winter Wonderland is a six week Holiday event in Van Shaun Park in Paramus, NJ. The opening day is Friday-6-December at 4:00p. The event will continue until Sunday-5-January-2020 closing at 7:00p. The event will be open every weekend Friday to Sunday. It will be open 6 days a week starting on Friday-20-December. It will be closed on Christmas Day and 2-January. 
  For more information and ticket prices about the event please go to

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