Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Elections Results 2019


Results from the General Election held on Tuesday-7-November.
These are the unofficial results from the Bergen Record. All results must to certified by the New Jersey Election commission to become official.

Bogota Borough Mayor one seats for a four year term.
Top  vote getter will be elected to office

-Mayor Chris Kelemen      844 votes
-Mary Ellen Murphy          577  votes
-Jose   Chavez                     344 votes
Mayor Kelemen is reelected to a second full term.

Bogota Borough Council  two seats for a three year term.
Top two vote getter will be elected to office

- Daniele Fede                      757  votes
- Michael Connors               718  votes
- Kathryn Gates-Ferris      589 votes 
-David  MacFarlane           570 votes
-Sherry Solomov                371  votes
-Susan Cruz                        351 votes 

 Mayor Kelemen,Ms Fede and Mr. Connors win the seats on Council. They will be sworn into office at the first Council meeting of 2020. Tentative date is Thursday- 2-January-2020 and is scheduled to be held in the Senior Center of Bogota Library.
Bogota Board of Education  three seats for a three year term
Top three vote getter will be elected to office

Incumbent Trustee Lisa Kohles                    625 votes
 -Idalia Alvarez                                                     534 votes
Incumbent Trustee Amanda Montgomery  528 votes
Zabrina Kearns                                                  461 votes
-Kristin Meberg                                                    456 votes
-Bisi Ruckett                                                          386 votes
Ms. Kohles, Ms,  Alvarez and Ms Montgomery win seats as Trustees on the Bogota Board of Education.  They will be sworn into office at the first Board of Education meeting of 2020. Tentative date is  Tuesday-7-January-2020
Bergen County Freeholder  vote for three, for a three year terms
Top three vote getters will win the seats
As of 8:00a 93 % of the districts have reported
-Incumbent Thomas Sullivan             71,378   votes
-Incumbent Mary Amoroso                   71,419   votes
-Incumbent Germaine Ortiz                 69,222   votes
- Kathleen Cericola                               57,175   votes
- Alyssa  Dawson                                    56,996   votes
Corrado Belgiovine                              56,625   votes

The New Jersey General Assembly for two seats for a two year term
Top two vote getters will win the seat
    In the 37th district As of 8:00a 68 % of the districts have reported

- Incumbent Gordon Johnson         12,023 votes
- Incumbent Valerie Huttle              11,918  votes 
- Angela Hendricks                            4,695   votes
- Gino Tessaro                                    4,632    votes   
- Claudio Belusic                                352       votes

Public Question
The State of New Jersey
- To amend the state constitution in order to allow eligible veterans to recieve a $250 property tax exemption who reside in a continuing care retirement centers on behalf of the veterans living there and require the retirement centers to pass the value of the deduction on to veterans in the form of credits or payments.
- Yes vote 75%
- No vote 25%
This amendment passes

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