Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Bogota Board of Education

  On Tuesday-31-March the Bogota Board of Education held their second meeting for the month of March. This was originally scheduled for Tuesday-24-March but was postponed due to the current health situation.  This meeting was live streamed on Zoom and accessible as a teleconference.  Before the meeting could officially start one trustee  question the legality of Mr. Jim Moore being pointed to fill the vacant seat on the Board. The Trustee was told by the Board’s  Attorney that the process of seating Mr. Moore was done properly. 
  When the meeting was official called into session Superintendent Mr. Damien Kennedy  gave an update on the procedures dealing with the effects from covid-19.  He first mention at New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy was not going to consider making a decision by 19-April to allow schools to reopen. He added that the district will continue use remote learning for the time being.  Mr Kennedy said that the district will use a snow day to extend the Spring break by one day. Spring break will start on Monday-6-April and run to Monday-13-April. At this time there will be no online classes. Online learning will begin again on Tuesday-14-April. He added that the “Grab-N-Go”  lunches will continue during Spring Break. This will now included all Students, 17 years old and younger, who live in the Borough can now receives these meals. This is open to Students who are not part of the Public School System.  Meals are available Week day from 10:30a to 12:30p in front of the High School  at the Student drop-off point. Later in the meeting it was explained that all extra food from those days will be donated to the Bogota Office of Emergency Management to be distributed as they see fit. Mr Kennedy added that about 400 Chrome books are being lent to Student in need along the necessary internet access.  Another item he discussed was to add to the agenda, a resolution to opposes the New Jersey Assembly Bill #3902. This bill would allow to delay Quarterly property tax payments to local school districts.  The resolution cites that this delay would cause financial hardships on New Jersey Schools  as they are still engaged  with remote learning and home instruction.  
   All agenda items were passed. Items of note included the appointment of Mr. Vincent Caramico as Interim Principal at  Steen School effective from 20-April-2020 to 23-October-2020. This is due to the Maternity leave of Principal Dayle Collins. Another item was the appointment of Mr. Barry McCann as Musical Vocal Director, at the High School for the 2019-20 School year. 
  The next Board of education meeting is schedule for Tuesday-21-April. The Board is planning on having this meeting also be live streamed, and be a part of a teleconference.
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