Thursday, March 5, 2020

Agent of the year

  In the January 2020 issue of The Insurance Journal John Wilkens, of  the Robert Wilkens Insurance Agency, was named as one of the top 20 Agents of 2019.  This was from a national wide study of agencies from different regions of the United States.  Founded in 1992 the Robert Wilkens Insurance Agency first was located in Teaneck, NJ. With a growing list if clients in Bogota the business relocated to the Borough in 1997. First in a shared space on Palisades Ave. They later acquired the store-front on 52 W. Main St. and opened that office in the Spring of 2014. They have opened additional offices in Dumont and Hawthorne, New Jersey. They are also expanding to Red Bank, NJ, this coming Summer. With planned offices in Florida by the end of the year.
  John Wilkens joined the firm in 2002  after graduating from York College in Pennsylvania.  Along with his listing as an Agent of the Year. Mr. Wilkens is a 4 times New Jersey Monthly Magazine Five Star Professional home & auto agent. When asked what his vision of Bogota can be in the next five years he answered:  “To improved parking, more of a push to eliminate transient business and attract business to come and stay. Also more community involvement such as revisiting the Chamber of Commerce, building more town pride on community projects/events.” He shared his thoughts  about the best, and “worst” part of being in the Insurance Business.  “We try to make insurance easy to understand & let clients know there are so many options to decide on.  Having 18 A rated carriers to shop it is a very gratifying feeling in locating a carrier that most appreciates the business in offering the best rates available for everyone’s unique niche markets.”
 Mr Wilkens continued:  “As my father always said this is not like a travel agency where people are calling in happy ready to plan a vacation.  I wouldn’t say “worst thing” but certainly stressful being ready at all times for whatever may happen such as a worst case scenario accident or fire.   A lot of calls are people going through stressful claims so we try to step up, be there for them in setting up 1st reports, expediting the claims process, making local contractor/body shop recommendations and seeing things through.  We are 100% engaged and want to be there for our clients every step of the way whether it be claims related or something small such as a billing question, vehicle change, or general question”
  He was also cited  for his work with non-profit organizations. Serving on the board of trustees for the Darren Drake Foundation, this organization was created to honor his legacy of Darren Drake. Mr Drake was killed in a terrorist attack while on a New York City bike path 31-October-2017  The Foundation was established to pursue the ideals & vision about helping others to pursue secondary education. This foundation has awarded        scholarships to deserving high school students interested in pursuing trade schools in lieu of college.  Mr. Wilkens also served as the board manger of the Community Chest and other local organizations. The Robert Wilkens Agency is a supporter of  Habitat for Humanity  of Bergen County, and provides scholarships for area High School Seniors.

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