Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Telephone Meeting

 On Tuesday-24-March the Township of Teaneck held a first ever Council meeting that could be listen to using a telephone. The meeting was also available on the public access channels for both cable systems operating in Teaneck. The meeting was also broadcast on a live stream using the official Teaneck web-site.  This was a shorten version of the regular meeting with only a limited number of items discussed.  The meeting open with Teaneck Mayor Mohammed Hameeduddin asking for a moment of silence to remember  the two Teaneck resident who have succumbed to the covid-19 virus. Then Mayor Hameeduddin, and Township Manager Dean Kazinci gave an update on the situation within Teaneck. Both men repeated the responsibility and duties of Government Officials  along with the residents. Mayor Hameeduddin also asked if any person, or business, have access to urgent  medical supplies like masks, gloves, gowns, or other supplies to be donated to either the Township’s Emergency Services or to Holy Name Hospital.  Next came Teaneck Health Officer Ken Katter gave the most recent statics of covid-19 cases. In Teaneck 145 cases have been reported, and 540 in Bergen County. He said that, in Teaneck,  any new case is reported when the investigation is opened. Mr Katter continued in saying that with more testing sites being used and those findings being reported the number of case will rise. 
   Then the meeting was opened to the Public Input session. This was done by allowing those who called in to have a chance to speak to the Mayor, and Council, only two speakers took advantage of this opportunity.  
   When the Public Input was finished the Council voted on agenda items.  First was the voting on five new Ordinances. All five Ordinances passed, one of the most noteworthy that was passed was to lower the speed limit on  W. Englewood Ave from River Rd to Windsor Rd. The new speed limit was lowered to 25 MPH. Then there was the resolution for the introduction of the 2020 Municipal Budget.This will be presented to Public on the 12-May Council meeting for a final vote. Also at this time Council voted on resolutions that certifies compliance US Equal Employment Opportunity Commissions guidance. Along the Budget for the Cedar Lane Improvement District  All three resolutions were passed. 
   To watch the public meeting please go to:
   The next Council meeting is scheduled for  Monday-6-April at 8:00p. 

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