Friday, March 27, 2020

Bogota Borough Council

 On Thursday-26- March the Bogota Borough Council held a virtual meeting.  Bogota Mayor Chris Kelemen, and all six Council Members were connected by either an online presentation or by a live group telephone conference.  The meeting featured a basic agenda.   Anyone who accessed the meeting by phone could be called on during the Public remarks session. Two listeners took advantage of this (one in each session)  they wish everyone well and thanked the local government and the public employees of Bogota of their hard work and dedication at this time.
   All of the items on the agenda were passed. One item passed was the introduction of the 2020 Municipal Budget.  This budget is projected to have only a $68.00 tax increase. This works out to $5.00 a month. The budget will be presented to the public at the Council meeting scheduled for Thursday-6-May. This will be open for the public to review and comment on. The location will be announced  as the current situation allows. Another was the passage of an ordinance that will designate a number of intersections to stop signs installed were needed. 
   When all the agenda were voted on Mayor Kelemen and Council members urge all resident of the Borough stay vigilant with their health. Along with looking out for their neighbor who may be in extra need. One example that was cited was the work of Recreation Director Jim Moore, who is aiding senior citizens, with food  and other deliveries. Mr. Moore has also driven some seniors to Doctor and health appointments. 
  There was a question about to push back the next Council Meeting originally scheduled for Thursday 2-April.  A decision on this  will be announced  in the near future. then the meeting was adjourned. 
  Later on Thursday night Mayor Kelemen released an address to the Citizens of Bogota. This can be seen at: Mayor Kelemen
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