Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Mural Mania

  The Ridgefield Park Arts Association announced a community mural painting event.  This will group event called Mural Mania scheduled to be held  on Saturday-19 September.  It will take place in the parking lot behind Art Mora gallery.  This is located at 179 Main St. Ridgefield Park, NJ.  In case of rain the event will take place at the Ridgefield Park Department of Public Works garage at 24 Industrial Ave. Ridgefield Park, NJ. The contest open to local artist, but residents of Ridgefield Park will be given first preference. Subject of the art work  is at the painters digression,  but all work must be suitable for public display.   The artist will have a choice of canvases of three different sizes.  Artist will also be able to use paint supplied by the Ridgefield Park Arts Association from what was been collection from the Village’s recycling centre, along with other supplies. Artist may use their equipment and supplies.  The finished artwork will be display in a number of public spaces and businesses with in Ridgefield Park. All art work will be available for purchase. Processes will either be split between the Artist,  the Ridgefield Park Arts Association, and the local food pantry.  Or the artist my donate their work to the Ridgefield Park Arts Association which will then share the sale price with the food pantry.
  All submissions must to sent in by Saturday-5-September for consideration. Selected artist will be notified by Monday-7-September. There will be a reception held immediately  following the painting event.  For more information please contact Ridgefield Park Arts Association by email at:
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