Monday, August 31, 2020

Restaurant openings

    New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy announced on Monday-31-August that restaurants in the State of New Jersey can resume indoor dinning. This will be inactive on Friday-4-September. The requirements will be all facilities can only operate at 25% of indoor capacity. Establishment must maintaine a safe distance between tables. Other restriction are based on many of the same guidelines as outdoor dinning enacted in early July. 
These include:
  -Patrons required to wear masks unless they are eating, under the age of 2, or have a health issue.
Staff members required to wear masks.
Tables spaced at least 6 feet apart.
Enhanced sanitation.
Guests placing orders only at a table and staffers bringing food and beverages only to tables.
Patrons barred from walking around while eating.
Limiting seating to a maximum of 8 customers per table — unless from an immediate family or the same household.
Encouraging reservations for greater control of customer traffic.
Requiring customers to provide a phone number if making a reservation to facilitate contact tracing.
   Additionally Governor Murphy signed legislation which allows alcoholic beverages to be consumed from open containers on certain outdoor property located within the Atlantic City Tourism District.  This will allow pedestrians to carry and consume open containers of alcoholic beverages. Areas included will be portions of the beach, boardwalk, and other areas within the Atlantic City Tourism District, in which pedestrians are permitted to carry and consume open containers of alcoholic beverages.
   Another reopening on the same day is movie theatres. They will have a maximum capacity of 25 %, up to 150 patrons. For multiplex cinemas each screening room can hold 25% of capacity. Only tickets purchased together will be allowed adjacent seating. All other groups must be separated by at least six feet. All patrons and staff must wear masks  at all times. 

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