Saturday, August 29, 2020

Report from the Bogota Police

     The Bogota Police Department reported on Friday-28 August the apprehension of a suspected habitual lewdness offender. The suspect allegedly followed multiple women while masturbating in his vehicle and yelling obscenities towards them. Bogota Detective Devin Rivera was able to gather victim statements and a confession from the suspect. The suspect was also captured by surveillance cameras. Incidents took place on smaller side streets within Bogota. The suspect lives on the border of Teaneck and Bogota but in Teaneck. These incidents took place at multiple times on different days. The suspect was apprehended earlier in the day in Teaneck. The suspect has been involved with  the same violation and is being treated as a repeat offender. The suspect was released pending a court date on his charges.

Any persons who would like to report an incident, of having information on an ongoing incident is asked to contact the Bogota Police Department Detective Bureau at 201-487-2400.
In case of emergency please call 911

Bogota Police Department
Office: 201-487-2400
Fax: 201-487-3426 
375 Larch Avenue Bogota, NJ 07603 

Or  anyone with information  that will leads to an arrest of an offender or offenders who have committed an offense or crime please go to:

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