Friday, September 4, 2020

Bogota Borough Council

   On Thursday-3- September the Bogota Borough Council held their first meeting for the Month of September.  At the start of the meeting Bogota Fire Marshal  Mr. Lou Kern presented a proposal to the Council to create a “ Fire Watch” ordinance for the Borough. This would amend  the current fire code to create this position. This would allow the Bogota Volunteer Fire Department station an officer at a multi story resident in the case of a malfunction of either the alarm, or sprinkler system. Currently if a system becomes inoperable the entire building would need to be evacuated until the system is restored.  This would take place even if the system on only one floor was not working.  With the Fire Watch in place if one floor has a non-working system then an officer would be assigned to stay on site as a monitor. Residents on the other floors would not have to be evacuated. The owner of the property would be charged a fee for this service, with the amount going into the general borough account. The Council agreed to have an ordinance written to create this and will be voted on at a future Council meeting.  
   All item on the consent agenda, and other ordinances were passed by unanimous vote. A few of the more noteworthy items approved were:  The re-appointment of Special Law Enforcement Offices-class 3 for the Public School. (SLEO-3)  a SLEO-3  for each school.   Another item was the re-appointment of the school crossing guards within the Borough.  Also approved was to allow the Sahara Club to hold their car show  at 24 River Rd on Sunday-20-September. When the meeting as opened to public comment two items of note were the scheduling of tree trimming in the Borough. This was answered that even before the latest storm officials of the Borough were taken inventory of what tree(s) are in need of attention. The Borough will also looking into emergency funding for as needed. Another question asked was how to update the voting roles for the Borough. This is to provide an accurate account of properly registered voter  who are eligible to vote in Bogota. The answered by saying that Bergen County Government is in charge of overseeing the voting in the county. It was added that the Bogota Government sends constant update in the changes with in the Borough. This is mainly official notes of resident of Bogota who have died. It was also mentioned that the three polling station in Bogota will open on Election Date scheduled for Tuesday-3-November-2020. In-person will be mainly set-up to allow individuals with disabilities will have access to an ADA-conforming voting machines. 
  There will also be in-person voting available at the same polling stations.  Meaning if voters want to cast their ballot in person, they’ll have to go to a polling place  to fill in and cast a provisional ballot that will be counted only after officials determine the voter didn’t mail in a ballot. There will also be one secure drop box at each polling station. These will be set-up and collected by officials from the Bergen County board of Elections.  The Bogota Public Library is providing voter registration forms, and other voter information. This can be accessed at:
   In his report Bogota Mayor Chris Kelemen announced that the most recent information about covid-19 cases for the Borough has remained at 221 total cases. However that there were no active cases, and Bogota had a full week of no new cases being reported. Total death were still only 15 reported of Bogota resident. He said the New Bridge Centre is still offering testing for county resident. Mayor Kelemen added that is offer mental heath counseling for anyone who wishes to use it. Finally he reminded everyone about the need for those who lives in Bogota to fill out their Census form. He added the in- person census takers are now working in Bogota. These individual will call ahead before performing the face to face count. The deadline to file is Saturday-31-October -2020.  The 2020 census can be file online at: 2020CENSUS.GOV.
 By phone by calling 
    • English: 844-330-2020
    • Spanish: 844-468-2020
Or mailing in the paper form.  
  The next Borough of Bogota Council meeting will be on Thursday-17-September.  This will be a virtual meeting. The start time will be  at 7:30p.  The meeting can be access by a number of different ways.  
  Online at:  to use this service a view may have to a create an account in order to sign-in.  Information on accessing this meeting will follow. For more information please visit their website at:

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