Thursday, September 17, 2020

Ridgefield Park Board of Education


   On Wednesday -16- September the Ridgefield Park Board of Education held their monthly meeting for September. This was available to be viewed by the Public online members of the Board of Education, and Administration staff gathered in the High School for an in-person session. Some of the trustees choose to attend the meeting virtual as well.  Public comments were limited to chat messages only and were read aloud to the Board Members and the  Public could hear the questions or comments. At  times technician issues delayed the meeting, but it still continued in this format. 

    In her Superintendent’s report Dr. Angela Baker announced the judgment in the School district favor with there on going case with the Ridgefield Park Education Association (RPEA).This stems from the issue of the RPEA’s case against the District involving back pay.  For more on this story please go to the article in Wednesday’s online edition at Weds/16-Sept.-2020     

    On agenda items all resolutions were passed that were voted on. Some of the more noteworthy items were the acceptance of  the retirement of English Teacher Mr. Bruce Benny effective Sunday-1-November-2020. Another was to approve the Job Description for Director of Curriculum, Instruction and Operations. 

  Some of the questions from both Public Comment questions involved topics including:  How will the scheduled Monday-19 October in person learning take place. The answer was that will be the same type of Hybrid plan originally scheduled in September. There will also be a survey for the Parent to fill out so they can have the option of allowing their Children to stay home. Another was that the district is looking into having in person Occupation Training for Special Need Students. 

  For more information on these and other topics please visit their website at   There next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday-14-October. This is still planned to be a type of zoom meeting starting at 7:30p

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