Thursday, September 3, 2020

Teaneck Creek Park restoration

  On Monday-31-August Bergen County began a large-scale habitat restoration project of the Teaneck Creek Park.  This is to restore and improve the natural habit of the park.  Some of the goals of this project is to increase bio-diversity of the area, improve the storm-water management with natural infrastructure; and improve park access by repairing and replacing footbridges and addressing deficient trails that are inaccessible due to flooding and erosion. This will focus on three major goals: One is to manage and reduce the type, and amount of invasive plants species. There will be the introduction and planting of native species which will include grasses, shrubs and trees common to a freshwater wetland area. The accessibility of the park, and its trails will also be upgraded. These improvements will start after the work is done to convert current storm-water out-falls into an integrated stream and wetland systems. The conveyance systems will be connected to sand seepage areas that will slow and spread storm-water throughout the site to reduce and filter runoff, creating diverse wetland and river embankment areas of habitats. It is hope that this system of natural techniques employed at Teaneck Creek Park will serve as a demonstration project to inform storm-water management practices throughout Bergen County.
   Some benefits of this project is to allow Teaneck Creek Park to become a better bio-diverse ego-system. With this natural infrastructure approach to manage storm-water as a means to improve water quality, as well as increase ecological function, habitat diversity, and user experience. The historical fill and debris on the property will be removed in order to create more natural soil conditions that better support native plants. By removing and controlling invasive species, this will help improve storm-water retention, and filter pollutants.  Also with the creation of more open water and wet areas within the park, this will enhance how the habitat functions. The project will enhance public experience with improved trail design, surrounded by a rich diverse habitat. 
   The project is scheduled to be completed by the fall of 2021. During the restoration most trails will be closed to the public. The trail starting at Fyche Ln to the Outdoor Classroom will remain open for use. Access to the Puffin Foundation, and its parking lot will still be available from Teaneck Rd. Access to those trail, from the parking lot, will be closed. 
  Teaneck Creek Conservancy  Director Ms. Alexa Fantacone  said in a statement:  The Teaneck Creek Conservancy is thrilled to see the restoration of the property taking place. The restoration will better establish water flow across site and be an example for storm water management. We’re excited to see the habitat restored which will provide for all the animals that call Teaneck Creek home and those that visit on their migration. This is a wonderful opportunity for outreach and education on ecological restoration and allows the Conservancy to continue our mission of sharing this park with the community through the unique lens of art, history, and the environment.
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