Monday, September 14, 2020

Safety grant

   On Monday-14-September Congressman Josh Gottheimer, representing the 5th District in New Jersey, announced the Bogota Board of Education has been awarded at grant of $277,000 to upgrade and improve the safety of the building in the district. This was announced during a zoom conference with Bogota School Superintendent Mr. Damien  Kennedy. Congressman Gottheimer said the funds have been award by the School Violence Protection Program from within the United States Department of Justice.
   Then Superintendent Kennedy gave a brief summary of how this grant money can be used in the Public Schools. He first that the District will match 25% of the funds awarded, which is already in the current school board budget. Superintendent Kennedy  continued by saying some of the safety improvement, in the planning stages,  were the purchase of new monitoring cameras, replacement of any wooden doors in all of the school building, a district wide master keying program  and software that can quickly do background checks and monitor social media for key words or phases that may indicate a threat. 
   Congressman Gottheimer ending in praising the State of New Jersey in passing the: Alyssa Legacy Youth School Safety Act (ALYSSA Law) which mandates that all New Jersey school have a silent alert button to contact local Police in case of an emergency. The Bogota School District, and the Bogota Police Dept have installed this system already.  Congressman Gottheimer  is working on legislation to have this a National wide law.
  The Bogota Board of Education will hold their next regular meeting on Tuesday-15-September as is  scheduled to start at 7:00p. This will be a virtually meeting
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