Thursday, November 24, 2022

Ed Sweeney Scholarship Fund


The Ed Sweeney Scholarship Fund is accepting contributions to continue the effort of Mr. Ed Sweeney's in supporting the Student of Bogota.  Starting in 2021 this is an extension of the work Mr. Sweeney provided with the scholarships given to the graduates of Bogota High School to further their education in Business and Financial studies.
 Owner of the New Horizon Financial Corporation Mr. Sweeney is known for his work with the Students of Bogota. Using New Horizon as an extra classroom he trained and mentored many Bogota High School Seniors, while introducing them into the world of Finance. Some of his proteges would stay with him at new Horizons, while others would move on to start careers on their own. He was elected as a Bogota Citizen of the Year, an honor he cherished and was excited to receive.  
  One of the biggest parts of Mr. Sweeney legacy will be his devotion to the Student, Athletes of Bogota. From his sponsoring of Little League teams, to coaching St. Joseph's basketball and his donations to the Bogota High School Sports and Academic with his scholarship programs.  Mr. Sweeney was a constant fixture at many Varsity Home games.  Either stationed at the East End Zone of Feigel Field, or in the Front row at Speary Gym. Ed would always be available to talk or just say hello. He would allow a brief question about businesses, as long as it did not distract him from watching Bucs player during their games.
  To contribute to the Ed Sweeney Scholarship Fund donations ca be sent to:

                                                      Ed Sweeney Scholarship Fund
                                                1 University Plaza Dr. Suite #114
                                                           Hackensack NJ 07601

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