Monday, October 2, 2023

Police Cars

  On Wednesday-27-September the Bogota Police Department accepted two new Police cars. These are the first of 8 new service vehicles that will enter the Borough's fleet. They are part of a leasing program with Enterprise Cars, which will replace aging units for Bogota's Emergency Services. These two new cars will be use by the Bogota Police Chief and Captain. Thier current vehicles will now be use by the Detective unit to replace their older models. The new cars can also be used for daily patrols when needed.  The Bogota Volunteer Fire Chief will receive a Ford F-150 and his present car (a Tahoe) will be passed to the Fire Marshall, who is in need for a better vehicle. Two Ford Edges are scheduled to be delivered in the future. One will be for the Fire Prevention officer and the other one for the Police traffic detail. Three Dodge Durango’s are also on order and be used as pursuit vehicles. They will be customized specifically for their mission.     
   This order had been placed on 28-June and all prices are locked in. As part of the agreement Enterprise takes care of the wear and tear of the vehicles excluding tires and tune-ups. The Borough will pay a fee for each year and after five years, Enterprise takes back the vehicles and sells them through their network for best price. The Borough will then receive the proceeds, with current estimates of $10,000 to $15,000 per vehicle.  Another part of the contract is use of gas cards which will allow a saving for save Borough of 15% a year each time the card is used. This program is viewed to be cost effective for Bogota by Borough CFO.  The current environment Police Departments and emergency services cannot easily purchased replace vehicles due to a manufacturing situation nationwide.  
  Using Enterprise’s purchasing power is seen as an asset to obtain new vehicles in a timelier manner. This will help the Borough to receive cars as soon as they are available.  In the future, the money collected from the Police Special details will eventually offset the cost/fee to the Borough. 
  Attending the delivery of the vehicles were Bogota Mayor Mr. Christopher Kelemen, Police Commissioner Councilman Mr. Robert Robbins, Committee Members Councilwoman Ms. Jo-Ellen Granquist, Councilman Patrick H. McHale, Borough Administrator Mr. Edward H. Hynes Bogota Police Chief Daniel Maye, Police Captain Robert Piterski. and a representative from Enterprise.

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