Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Overpeck Creek Animal Hospital in Bogota


On Saturday 11-November the Overpeck Creek Animal Hospital in Bogota held their Grand Opening. This location is in partnership with the Tenafly Veterinary Center.  This is led by Head Veterinary and co-owner Dr Ohab Barnea, who has been in practiced since 1992. He has been a part of the Tenafly Veterinary Center since 2005. In 2022 a search began to look for a second location. When the building at 101 E. Main St became available, and with Bogota’s central location in Bergen County it was a factor in opening the Hospital here. Dr Barnea told of how the cooperation of the realtor, Health and Building Department was a top reason this facility was able to open in July of 2023.
  Dr. Barnea mission in Bogota is to first provide a compassionate and then advance medical treatment for the Patents and the Humans they live with. This starts with what the staff calls “Happy Visits”. Office Manager Ms. Christine Tchao said she was pleasantly surprised by the number of people who walk their pets to the Hospital. So, anyone is welcome to visit just to explore what the rooms look like. They also get a chance to meet the staff and the pets will get treats, so now a visit will be less stress for the pets and owners. Overpeck Creek Animal Hospital not only does general pet care, preventative care, and wellness. They also perform in-house abdominal ultrasounds, same-day echocardiograms, and surgery/dental surgery when needed on select days.
  This philosophy of Veterinary treatment starts with dental exams as young as two years old. They have found that the cleaning of teeth reduces some medical issues in the future. Next is to collaborate with each patient for an individual nutritional plan. This will aid in a higher quality of life and increase longevity. This is followed by nutritional needs and annual blood & urine screenings. It moves to any behavioral issues followed by parasitic treatment and vaccines as needed. 
  The Hospital has two working areas. The first floor is made up of an X-Ray room. A full Laboratory and work area. This allows the Veterinarians to perform testing in-house for fast results, which saves waiting time and the cost of treatment. There are six to seven examination rooms. Two a design to use for Felines both kittens and Adult exclusively. Four K-9's puppies and fully grown. All the examination rooms are provided with specific scents to offer a more claiming atmosphere. There is also one room dedicated to humane and peaceful end of life treatment. The upper floor has a Dental examination and treatment room. A stand-alone general treatment area and surgical theatre when needed. This allows for most proceeds to be done locally without extensive travel. Both floors have kennels which can be used for recovery. 
Dr. Barnea plans for the future is to expand the Bogota location into an Urgent Care Facility open seven days a week. 
 Office hours start at 9:00and go to 6:00p five days a week. Saturdays they are open from 9:00a to 1:00p. They can be reached at by calling 201-4949 or going to
  The Overpeck Creek Animal Hospital will be overseeing the Bogota Board of Health free rabies clinic. This will be held on Saturday-18-November starting at 1:00p in the W. Broad St. Firehouse, the shots were administered free of charge for residents of the Borough who had paid for a license. Pet owners either paid this day or could have paid in advance with proof of purchase at the time of vaccination.

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(To help support Bogota Blog NJ with its coverage of Local stories & sports
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