Saturday, December 29, 2012

Bogota year in Review August- September


  12- August-2012
       The Bogota Recreation Commission held a Junior Football day for the upcoming season. It was a chance for both Girls, & Boys to sign-up for Rec Football. Children had a chance to learn basic skills, and to see what atypical practice would be like.

    The Bogota Borough Council looked at the the recommendation the Officer Regina Tasca be removed from her position as a Officer for the Bogota Police Dept. After hearing from Ms. Tasca attorney the council postponed the voted in order to hear more evidence from both sides.

    A new Principal was hired for Steen School. Mr. Thomas Conroy was selected as the new Principal.

    Councilman Jorge Nunez hosted a block party to official kick-off his campaign for re-election. Also attending were Adam Gussen who was running for the U.S. House of Representative, and Robert Menendez looking to be re-elected to the U.S. Senate.

1-September- 2012
    The Parents for Bogota Football  held their 6th annual Kickoff Dinner  at the 101 Pub to help raise money for the High School Football program.

    The L/Cpl Harold J. Dillard Memorial Bridge  was reopened  after years for refurbishing of the old Court Street Bridge. Named for the  for the first citizen from Hackensack to lose his life in the Vietnam War, the 1908 structure was reopened, and rededicated today. After over two years and $19 million, most of which came from the Federal Stimulus program, the Dillard Bridge has been opened for all traffic.

8- Sept.
 The Bogota Bucs opened their season with a 14-19 loss to New Milford. This mark the fact that Nick DeStefano was the Bucs Head Coach for a second straight season, for the first time in a number of years.

   The Bogota Lady Bucs Volleyball team won the Northern Valley Invitational Tournament at Demarest. 

   The Bogota Borough Council officially fire Officer Regina Tasca from the Police Dept. The Borough continues to try to work out a settlement agreement with Ms. Tasca. 

    St.Joseph's Church held the annual Carnival despite the first & last days being rained out.

   The Bogota Volunteer Fire Dept. Engine #1 and Hook & Ladder #1 held their first blood drive at the W.Broad St. Station.

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