Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Tree of Hope

  On Sunday afternoon the Save The Animals Rescue Team II (START II) held their first Tree of Hope lighting ceremony at the Bogota Rec. Center.  START II is a group that visits animal shelter, and take in adoptable animals offering  them a clean safe place to stay until a permanent owner can be found. They  give the animal veterinary care, along with education about the importance of  spaying , or neutering house hold pets.
  The event had a chance for owners to have portraits of their pets, or a chance to have an ornament made out of a photos of their pets. There was also a chance to buy toys, and treats for their pets with the proceeds going to further help animals in need.
   For more information about this program please contact them by calling 201-797-8861 or by e-mail at: 
Gemma Cocciolli making an ornament.

Madison getting her picture taken with "Cuddle"

Trying to get the dog to look at the camera

 Jane with "Sammy" a rescued dog she adopted.

Renee Lane  with "Gracie" dressed for the Holidays

Jodi Kellar- Jackson (R) talking with Lydia Sudall

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