Monday, December 17, 2012

Holiday Concerts

    Over the last several days there have been a number of Holiday concerts in Bogota. The first was Thurs. 13- Dec. when the Bogota High School music dept held their annual Holiday Concert in the School Auditorium. This featured performances in different disciplines of music. The concert goers were greeted to the Flute Ensemble playing out side the Auditorium. This gave the audience a prelude to the show that followed, as well as,  pleasant way to pass the time before taking their seats.
  The Jazz Band start the evenings program, with favorites carols, and an updated version of the twelve days of Christmas which allowed some improvisation solos by a number of the Musicians.  The Choir the gave their performances, beginning with the Women's Choir singing the" Last Christmas".   This was followed by the Men's Choir with a number of variations of "Fa-La'La's " The finish of the Choir's time was songs from a "Charlie Brown Christmas".
 The Concert Band then ended the concert with a Christmas tunes, a selections of songs to celebrate Hanukkah, and a version of the "Nut Cracker" with sections played in different styles of music from Hip-Hop, Reggie , and Ballroom.  
The Flute Ensemble 

The Jazz Band

Bass Players Heather Mirabal, and Andre Broomes.

The Flute Ensemble, with guest, returns.

The Women's Choir

The Full Choir

The Concert Band
    Another concert was given on Sunday 13-Dec. at the Bogart Memorial Church on Larch Ave. this was primarily  a performance of Bach's " Magnificat", along with  Beethoven " Gellert Lieder" Opus 48, and ending with the " Hallelujah Chorus" from Handel's Messiah.
  There will be a Christmas Choir Concert at  Bogart Memorial Church on Sat. 22-Dec. starting at 8:00 p. The Church is located at 263 Larch Ave. Bogota, NJ. For More information please contact the Church at 201-487-1029.

The Full Choir 

Jessica Tremblay singing Beethoven

Malene Robinson singing Bach

Michelle Fuchs singing Bach

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