Monday, December 3, 2012

Fire Chief Election

  On Saturday 1- Dec. the Bogota Volunteer Fire Dept. held their annual elections to appoint a new Chief for the year 2013. In holding with tradition Current Chief Chip Griener was pleased to announce that Assistant Chief Dan Klima will be the Fire Chief for next year. The new Assist Chief will now be Jim Berthorld who is promoted - up from Battalion Chief.  Out going Councilman Michael Brophy, a member of Hook & Ladder Co. 1 was then appointed to be the New Battalion Chief. After the new appointees where sworn into duty by Mayor Pat McHale, presented out-going Chief Griener. He was first given a tradition former chief  badge for his past year of service. Chief Griener then received a  a photo montage of his year as chief in the form of a Maltese Cross. Then Council Brophy presented Chief Griener with a plaque from the Mayor & Council in recognition of the job he did in the past year. In Chief Griener own words it was a busier than normal year, as he lead the volunteer Fire Dept. for the past 12 months.
  In some of his final duties Chief Griener first presented the Chief Trophy to Engine Co. #1 as the top company of the four in the Borough. The next presentation was to Peter Fallier of H& L #1 for his work as chairman of the LOSAP committee. The passage of the LOSAP ordinance in the past year elections will give some members of the Borough volunteer services a reward for their of service to Bogota. For his final act as Chief Mr. Griener reactivated the Firefighter of the year Trophy. He was proud to present this to Lt. Joseph DiMauro of Engine Co.#1. Chief Griener talked about how Lt. DiMauro shows up to the  many calls of his company, as well as others when needed. How he is available to help the younger members of the Dept. , and push the Older ones. Along with making sure the equipment is in working order. I was also mentioned that he did not only preform his normal duties as a Firefighter during the recent Hurricane, and snow storm, but also took place in helping to clean -up afterwards even if his own home was still without power. These were only a few things that Chief Griener mentioned before asking Lt. DiMauro to come up to receive this award, and as he did all in attendance including all the members of Council, and the Mayor stood-up as one to show the Lieutenant that all his work has be noticed and appreciated. In accepting the award he could only get out a few words , and those were to thank Chief Griener, as well as his fellow Firefighters.
   At the start of the meeting Mayor McHale introduced a number of guest in attendance from the neighboring towns and thanked them for coming. Along with letting them know the assistance they proved when needed is always appreciated. In closing Mayor McHale took the time to thank Chief Griener personally, and collective all the Women and Men who have volunteered their time and effort in service to Bogota. He added that the Borough is working on ways to increase the number of volunteers for not only the Fire Dept. , but for the Rescue, and First Aid Squads, and the Auxiliary Police as well.
   Any one wishing to become a volunteer for one , or more of the Bogota Emergency Services should either call the Borough at  201-342-1736 ext 2007 or go to the Boroughs website at: 
  After the meeting there was a reception at the W.Broad St. Fire House, which also had a perforamnce by the Bergen County Firefighter Pipe Band.

Chief Griener (L) present new Chief Dan Klima with the Chief's badge. 

Dan Klima (L) presenting the Assist Chief Badge to Jim Berthorld

Jim Berthorld (L) presenting the Battalion helmet to Michael Brophy 

Mayor McHale swearing in Dan Klima as the new Fire Chief.

Mayor McHale swearing in Jim Berthorld as Assist Chief.

Mayor McHale swearing in Michael Brophy as Battalion Chief

New Chief Dan Klima (L) presenting Chief Griener a photo montage of his year of duty.

Councilman Michael Brophy (L) present a plaque to Chief Griener from
the Borough of Bogota in recognition  of his service.

Engine Co. #1 accepting the Chiefs Trophy for 2012

Peter Faller (L) accepting a plaque from Chief Griener for his work on  LOSAP

Lt. Joseph DiMauro (R) accepting the Firefighter of the Year Trophy from Chief Griener 

The Bergen County Firefighter Pipe Band playing at the reception .

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