Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Bogota Year in Review Jan-March


   The year started with the swearing in of Re-Elected Mayor Pat McHale, and Councilman Tito Jackson ,and Evaristo Burdiez Jr. who had also won re-election.  Councilman Michael Brophy was named Council President, along with the Officers of the Bogota Volunteer Organization being swore in. Some public employees had their appointments delayed until the next Council Meeting.

   A theme for the coming year politically in Bogota, which was touched on at the Sine Die four days prior, was reinforced at this Council Meeting. Councilman Nunez voiced his opinion that the look of appointments for  Borough should be more of a reflation of cultural make-up of the citizens of the Borough.  This topic would continue through-out the year, and would be brought -up again over how the Recreation Commission is run. Along with who would run for public office in this years elections.

  A new schedule for trash collection went in to effect this week  with bulk trash now being pick-up one a week in the colder months. With the new year a new contract for collection was started with a projected saving of $500,000 for the next three years. Two a week collection would be returned in the warmer months, but a learning curve was needed this month.

  A upgraded kitchen area in the Recreation Building was finish after some possible heath violations had been notice.  Rec Center Director Jim Moore said that all of the repairs were already in the works, and they had been done over the Holiday break so the after school program was not effected.  

  Steen School held their annual International Night while still having dishes showing off the different cultures of the student body. Local restaurants ( some newly opened in Bogota )  had a chance to show their fares.

14 Feb.
   NJCAP held a presentation at Bixby School help parents learn who they could be alerted to the problem of bulling of their  children. 

  The Borough Council voted in favor of moving the School Board elections to November to be held at the same time as the General Elections. This was done to encourage more voting for BOE members and as a cost saving measure.

    Some of the last remits of the 29- October -2011 snow storm  were finally cleared away as the Borough,   working with Bergen County Mosquito control the stream had dredged the creek along Elm Ave by the CSX embankment dredged  in order to clear, and straighten,  the flow of water. Material was added to fill the void under Elm Ave  in order to stabilize the roadbed.

  Both the Girls  & Boys Basketball team hosted first round playoff games at Speary Gym. The Lady Bucs lost to Boonton 46-52. While the Boys team came from behind to beat Emerson 67-49. The Boys team would bow -out of the playoffs with a lost at Verona the next night. 

 The Bogota Band parents held their Pasta dinner at the Rec Center at Bogota Blog NJ had been helping the Borough for a full year at this point. 


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