Saturday, November 2, 2013

Class #03 Movie Premiere


  The Bogota Police Emergency Services Youth Academy held a premiere showing of the highlight film of it's Class #03 Summer Academy.  This is a documentary film about what the  Cadet  experienced during their week and half as part of the Youth Academy. The film showed Cadet Academy life from arrival on Orientation Day  to the  Graduation  Ceremonies. The film is without narration so the viewer is learning about the Academy training as the Cadet who lived it. Members of the staff & some of the instructors do appear on camera to explain their philosophy on how the Cadets are being trained in various disciplines. Filmmaker Rey Sanchez takes the viewer farther into the Academy experience by using footage from cameras mounted on the instructors in order to show the reaction of the Cadets to certain situations. Cameras are also used to get the Cadets point of view, from having an instructor speaking to a Cadet up close and in a "loud volume" to the experience of  being throw over in the self defense instruction to walking off the High Board into the water at the Bogota Pool and swimming to the surface.
  Cadets are shown not only in outdoor activities, but also in the classroom to learn  more about personal training for their lives. This allows the viewer to see that the Academy is more than just physical training, but also takes the time to teach the Cadet life lessons about personal hygiene, social skills awareness, along with honour and respect for themselves and others.
  Before the showing Director Sgt. Craig Lynch & Coordinator Anna Ferris talked about how the Academy has grown from an idea by Bogota Police Chief  John Burke to one of the leading Youth Academies in the County, and possibly the State.  Chief Burke also addressed the audience talking about how he is getting contacted by other towns and cities, in and around Bergen County, trying to learn more about the Bogtoa Academy.  Sgt Lynch also took a moment to acknowledge members of the Academy Class #01, who were in attendance for helping the Academy get off to a strong start. Then along Ms. Ferris the top Cadets from the first three classes were introduced to the audience.  Cindy Perpepaj from Class #01, Jaclyn Villafuerte from Class #02 and Olivia Toutounjian from Class #03. At this point Ms. Ferris could not help herself from pointing that all three are female Cadet members. Sgt. Lynch added to this that of the three Graduates were not the biggest, or strongest member of their class, but some of the ones who worked the hardest.
  After the movie was shown the graduated Cadets made a point to find  former Cadetmates to talk, and to make the time to thank the instructors for helping them during their time at the Academy.
Copies of the DVD  and other Academy items are available by contacting  Program Coordinator Anna Ferris at . The DVD's are priced at $10.00 with process going to the Academy future classes.

Program Coordinator Anna Ferris
welcoming the Audience to the premiere 

Bogtoa Police Chief  John Burke talking about how much the Academy has grown.

Anna Ferris and Sgt. Craig Lynch with former top Cadets
 Cindy Perpepaj Class #01 (L) Olivia Toutounjian Class #03 and
Jaclyn Villafuerte class#02.

The Audience watching the film.. 

..along with Sgt. Lynch & Anna Ferris.

Graduate Cadet Alexa Haase getting
 Instructor David Coleman to sign her shirt. 

"Miss Anna" talking with graduate Cadets.

Sgt. Lynch & Instructor Martin Perez with
Graduate Cadet Olivia Toutounjian.
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