Monday, November 18, 2013

Cheerleading Round-up


   On Saturday  16- Nov. the Junior Bucs Cheerleaders held their end of season round-up at Speary Gym in Bogota School. This was a chance for the three squads to perform one more time for the 2013 season. Each of the three age groups performed their routines for family & friends. At the end of the evening each cheerleader was given a certificate & trophy to commemorate their work on the sidelines for the Junior Bucs Football teams. Members of those teams also presented the cheerleaders a rose to thank them for their support. Head Coach Leah Toutounjian also honoured the members of the High School Cheerleading Squad who help train & work with the younger girls learn the art of cheerleading. members of the Junior Cheerleader then presented Ms. Toutounjian  a plaque to thank her for the work she put in to have the Junior Cheerleaders be apart of the Junior Football program this year.
  This year the Bogota program welcome some young ladies from Teaneck to join their squads when the Teaneck program was canceled for this year. 
  Sign-up for next years Junior Football & Cheerleader can begin immediately since the BCJSFL will  have an earlier start next season. The earlier students sign up for this program the better the Rec Football & Cheerleaders can work to improve themselves.: All divisions are opened to Girls  and Boys who live and attend any of the schools in Bogota.
- The Pee-Wee is for the youngest players which is for student from 2nd to 4th grade, and are under 11 years of age.
- The Junior division is for those players who are in 5th & 6st grade and are under the age of 13.
- The Senior division are those players who will be in 7th & 8th grade and are younger the 15 years of age.  For more information please the Bogota Recreation commission at   

Pee-Wee Cheerleaders performing

Junior & Senior Cheerleaders
" Rockin the Boat"

Pee-Wee Cheerleaders getting their Trophies

Junior Cheerleaders getting their Trophies

Senior Cheerleaders getting their Trophies

Head Coach Leah Toutounjian being thanked for her work.


  1. Confused. I am the mom that provided the plaque for those girls. None of the Peewee Girls were recognized during the presentation of the plaque to Leah T. what you are saying, NO ONE FROM TEANECK can be part of the BOGOTA REC CHEER SQUAD NEXT YEAR?!?!?! DISGUSTED. Is that what this article is stating?? THIS WAS THE MOST AWESOME ACTIVITY BOTH MY DAUGHTER & I PARTICIPATED IN EVER!!!

    1. In the article there is a line about the Young Ladies from Teaneck being welcomed to the squad. And the presentation of the plaque to Ms. Toutounjian was also an afterthought. I can not speak for the Rec Dept. but I do not see why anyone from Teaneck could not join. I was a great idea last year and should continue. There is the email for the rec dept. included here so please contact them and hopefully even more girls from Teaneck will join

  2. i would like to thank Leah for all the work she put in with the program this year. Its never easy and very time consuming and I know she's busy with the rest of her life. :)

    P.S. Girls from Teaneck are welcomed to join the Bogota Cheerleading program. The Recreation Department has no problem with that.