Monday, November 11, 2013

Miss Bogota 2013

   Another event in the Miss Bogota Pageant the candidates attended a workshop on etiquette and manners. The afternoon workshop was lead by Vanessa Amaro-Perez, who talked about how being proper is more than just knowing how to sit at a table for dinner. One of the first things she told the Candidates was that good manners will show three important things. The first is manners will show respect for everyone that a person may be introduced to during a day. Another is to show respect for the place a person is in. Finally to show respect  for oneself  and to show that quality to the world. This was displayed by simply asking the Candidates their name. Ms. Amaro-Perez was forced at time to lean into the girls to try and hear what they were saying. She then explained a simple rule they should follow to help them. Simply by lifting their chins, standing up straight, and believing in themselves their voice should become powerful enough to be heard.
  Ms. Amaro-Perez next wanted to show how a " Princess"  should  present herself if she want to move up to be "Queen". She told the Candidates that they should inspired to be the Queen wherever they are.  She added that this would show confidence in a person, along with showing an openness that should make others feel welcoming in their presence. Ms. Amaro-Perez did have one of the girls in attendance perform the balancing trick of walking with an empty  plate on her head and walk around a table without it falling off, and she did. This was a way of showing that a person can walk with their chin held properly, their eyes forward and know where they are going. Other mannerisms that were shown, that should be known, was that a strong , firm handshake by a woman, or man is important to show respect and confidence. Sitting in a straight manner is not only good for posture by it allows a person to rise from a chair in a dignified way.
  When presented with the way someone should attend a dinner situation Ms. Amaro-Perez started with basic seating position. She showed how when invited to another persons house that the head of the Household is seated at the Head of the table, with the guest to the left of  the host. While at an formal event the Eldest, or most important person should be placed at the head of the table, with their sponse to the left. Then with the help of Rafael Rivas it was shown how a formal place setting is arrange, and what purpose each items has. Mr. Rivas then showed how a meal should be served starting with a beverage and bread through soup & salad to the Main Course. Ms. Amaro-Perez  gave  step by step instructions on how the proper manners would not only make an evening of dining more relaxed, but also more enjoyable when all parties at  a table are treated and showing respect to one another.  
     The next event in the Miss Bogota Pageant will be a evening of Bowling at the Bowler City in Hackensack. This will take place on  Saturday 16-Nov. from 3:30p to 5:30p. The price will be $12 which will include shoe rental , and lane time.  Bowler City  is located at 85 Midtown Bridge St Hackensack, NJ.   There will also be a Breakfast with Santa  on  Sunday 1 -Dec at the Bogota Recreation Center  located at 162 W. Main St. Bogota, NJ It will run from 9:00a to 12:00p with tickets at $7.00 per person.

This is co-sponsored by the Bogota Community Alliance and the Bogota  Recreation Commission. For more  information please contact Marianela Santana  at 347-668-6462

Vanessa Amaro-Perez (L) introducing herself to the Candidates.

Mariapaula  introducing herself to Ms. Amaro-Perez

 Ms. Amaro-Perez showing Sofia how to speak into a Microphone.

 Vanessa Amaro-Perez (L)  congratulating Daniella on walking properly.

The Candidates listening to  Ms. Amaro-Perez

Vanessa Amaro-Perez (L)  demostration a proper hand shake.

Rafael Rivas explaining the placement of silverware on a formal table setting.

Vanessa Amaro-Perez (L) explaining the seating of guest for a dinner party.

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